At Kayak Illustration, we provide detailed and accurate illustrations of medical equipments and scenarios. These illustrations will enhance and clarify step-by-step installation instructions. We can also produce ‘action graphics’ for use in User and Service Instructions to illustrate various operations and procedures.

If you are looking for quality illustrations of your medical equipment/procedures in colour or black and white, why not give us a ring on 0118 9621543 or drop a mail to, we’re here to help.

Medical Schematic - Chronic Bronchitis

Cutaway of Inner Ear

Medical Equipment - What's in the Box

Medical Procedure - Mixing Blood with Granules

Lungs/Airway Schematic

Medical Procedure - Lacing Bonnet

Medical Procedure - Inserting Tube and Bite Block

Operating Medical Equipment Instructions

Medical Product

Medical Product

Assembling Medical Equipment Instructions

Medical Toothbrushes

Medical Procedure - Adding Blood to Granules


Hi Andy, This really is looking superb, can't get over how simple to follow and professional it's going to look.
Extracted from email re Electric Car Build Manual Illustrations.
Jeremy Way, Chief Executive, Greenpower Education Trust

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